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Why Hire a Coach?

When you want to go someplace new, you consult a GPS. If you take up a new sport, you consult an expert. When you want to relocate, you hire people who’ve done it before -movers, real estate agents - you get the picture.

Because that’s what you do when you don’t know how to do something that you need to do. You hire someone that does.

So, if you’re looking to level up at work, or make an unprecedented move in your life? There’s no course for that. If you’re lucky, you might have a mentor. Chances are, you might need to hire a coach. Back in the day, we used to say that even Michael Jordan has a coach. Even Serena Williams has a coach. I mean, even The Chosen One, Lebron James, has a coach.

Here’s my top 10 reasons you need a coach:

  1. They make sure you are well prepared.

  2. They are your mindset maven - always bringing you back to your commitment.

  3. They know what makes you great.

  4. They help you to develop a strategy so you’re focused on the long term and don’t put too much pressure on yourself in the short term.

  5. They are patient with you and for you.

  6. They hold you accountable to your commitment.

  7. They are positive and encouraging, AND they have a game plan.

  8. They are willing to deal with your passive aggressive, manipulating, rationalizing self.

  9. They give you permission and the freedom to be great.

  10. They are willing to work with your strengths AND your character flaws.

Champions have coaches and it’s fair to point out that most successful people have coaches. Any Beyonce fans out there? She had a voice coach who basically lived with her family for 11 years, till she was 20!

So, who benefits from coaching? Successful people, productive people! People who are sure of their next move, but are unsure how to get there. People who need a little help identifying the next move. People who are committed.

So what is it like? When you hire Amy, she’s all in, with all her experience in your corner. It starts with an assessment of your strengths, and an idea of what you’re trying to move the needle on. From there, Amy will work with you to hone in on your goal, and how to apply your strengths every day, and long range. The two of you will develop a 3 month plan, and work the plan with weekly check ins to address whatever obstacles arise - and crush them. Amy brings the tenacity that you might be missing on your own.

If you know what you want, please schedule a complimentary session

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