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What's a Perfect Avocado Retreat and how can you get one?


Amy Branger is a consultant and executive coach who will change your work life and help you identify and develop your superpower! Hear her wisdom on Get Your FILL: Financial Independence & Long Life Podcast.


Talking All Things Strategic Planning with Diana Olynick on the Alkimia Success Show Podcast


-How to apply strategic planning for small businesses, even solopreneurs.

-What costly mistakes to avoid.

-What are the most important aspects in measuring and goals setting.

-How to align team members and engage them in a way that they contribute actively to the organization.

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Talking Superpowers and Growth Mindset on the Get Rose Podcast

On the Get Rose podcast Amy talks with Danielle and Daniela about how to uncover and use your superpower. Also how to have a growth mindset about your strengths even though our brains are wired not to!

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Amy's appearance as a guest on the Planners on Purpose podcast with Naomi Tucker

On this podcast Amy and Naomi Tucker discuss leadership, well being, the story that's been running your life and the challenges facing executive women, specifically those in midlife. Amy goes in depth about her 4 step method for managing change.


* Acceptance

* Empowerment

* Learn the Lessons

* Explore

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Amy's appearance as a guest on the Let's #BeReal with Andy Huges podcast. Amy talks about her 4 step system for thriving in change.

Amy joins Andy Hughes on the Let's Be Real podcast to talk about her 4 steps to managing change, working for President Clinton and Vice President Gore, what "Work Smarter not Harder" means and Perfect Avocado Retreats,

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Amy's very first Facebook Live introducing her 4 step system for thriving with change. Amy loves change and you can too! 

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