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Get Your Fill Podcast

What's a Perfect Avocado Retreat and how can you get one?

Amy Branger is a consultant and executive coach who will change your work life and help you identify and develop your superpower! Hear her wisdom on Get Your FILL: Financial Independence & Long Life Podcast.

About Amy Branger: "Amy is wholeheartedly enthusiastic about ideas and people in a way that changes lives for the better."

Amy Branger is an executive coach with over 30 years experience managing 200 + people, $1.3 million budgets, policy development and strategy. She coaches executives to be better more effective leaders, helps organizations and leaders create strategic plans that get implemented and drive results, and guides organizations through large scale change. She has experience working in government, nonprofit and the private sector.

Before starting her own executive coaching and management consulting business, Amy held senior management positions for 20+ years, including working for Presidents and Governors. She understands what it takes to be an effective leader, how to lead organizations to set and achieve their goals and how to guide organizations through big changes such as re-organizations, leadership transitions and implementing new tools and systems.

Amy also understands the unique problems women in high level positions have being effective leaders and can work with you to uncover solutions to your biggest problems and management challenges. Having gone through several career changes, a divorce, and staring down an empty nest she understands the changes midlife women are facing. She’s also had some pretty wild dreams and achieved them. She’s ready to help you do it too.

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