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Amy Branger  is wholeheartedly enthusiastic about ideas and people in a way that changes lives for the better.
 Executive Coaching
Change Management
 Strategic Planning



  • Coach executives to be more effective leaders 

  • Develop transition plans for smooth changes in leadership

  • Facilitate strategic planning processes that result in implementable plans towards achievement of goals

  • Lead organizations painlessly and productively through change

  • Implement performance management systems that align organizations goals through all levels down to and including individual goals 

  • Conduct organizational assessments 

  • Organize and facilitate corporate retreats 

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Executive Coaching

Amy has extensive experience helping organizations manage through large scale change, strategic planning and executive coaching. She can coach you to become a more effective leader; help you set and achieve goals; manage difficult employees; "manage up"; determine your strengths and weaknesses and hire accordingly. 

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Mental Fitness

You’re probably aware of the inner critic. You know that nasty voice in your head always telling you some version of you’re not good enough? But did you know that inner critic is only one of several saboteurs you encounter on any given day? Once you learn about the full range of ways these saboteurs are influencing you can develop your mental muscles against it. With the Positive Intelligence program you can exercise those mental muscles and gain more control over your mind and live a happier more productive life. 

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Strategic Planning

Want to create a strategic plan that's a tool for managing your organization? Amy will facilitate a process that ends with a strategic plan attached to an implementation plan. Get those goals off the shelf and into your daily management.

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Change Management

We all know that change can be hard. Amy believes it doesn't have to be. She has lead dozens of organizations through large scale change. With Amy's guidance, you can ensure everyone is part of the process and that the changes are implemented painlessly and productively.

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"I have received executive coaching from Amy for the last few years. She is a great listener and has a keen sense of how to approach organizational challenges, what motivates people to behave in different ways and how to drill down to the source of a conflict. Amy has coached me to tackle issues head-on and have difficult conversations in ways that both honor my style and force me to take risks to reach my goals.  Amy provides practical, action oriented guidance that works! I highly recommend her services."

—  Senior Public Health Official

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